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A.P.B. - All Points Bulletin (USA, Europe)
Alien vs Predator (USA) (Proto)
Awesome Golf (USA, Europe)
Baseball Heroes (USA, Europe)
Basketbrawl (USA, Europe)
Batman Returns (USA, Europe)
Battle Wheels (USA, Europe)
Battlezone 2000 (USA, Europe)
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (USA, Europe)
Block Out (USA, Europe)
Blue Lightning (USA, Europe)
Blue Lightning (USA) (Demo)
Bubble Trouble (USA, Europe)
California Games (USA, Europe)
Centipede (USA) (Proto)
Checkered Flag (USA, Europe)
Chip's Challenge (USA, Europe)
Crystal Mines II (USA, Europe)
Daemonsgate (USA) (Proto)
Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf (USA, Europe)
Dinolympics (USA, Europe)
Dirty Larry - Renegade Cop (USA, Europe)
Double Dragon (USA, Europe)
Dracula the Undead (USA, Europe)
Electrocop (USA, Europe)
European Soccer Challenge (USA, Europe)
Eye of the Beholder (USA) (Proto)
Fat Bobby (USA, Europe)
Fidelity Ultimate Chess Challenge, The (USA, Europe)
Gates of Zendocon, The (USA, Europe)
Gauntlet - The Third Encounter (USA, Europe)
Gordo 106 - The Mutated Lab Monkey (USA, Europe)
Hard Drivin' (USA, Europe)
Hockey (USA, Europe)
Hydra (USA, Europe)
Ishido - The Way of Stones (USA, Europe)
Jimmy Connors' Tennis (USA, Europe)
Joust (USA, Europe)
Klax (USA, Europe)
Krazy Ace - Miniature Golf (USA, Europe)
Kung Food (USA, Europe)
Lemmings (USA, Europe)
Lexis (USA, Europe)
Loopz (USA) (Proto)
Lynx Casino (USA, Europe)
Lynx II Production Test Program V0.02 (USA) (Proto)
Malibu Bikini Volleyball (USA, Europe)
Marlboro Go! (Europe) (Proto)
Ms. Pac-Man (USA, Europe)
NFL Football (USA, Europe)

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