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Panza Kick Boxing (USA)
Paranoia (Japan)
Parasol Stars - The Story of Bubb
le Bobble III (Japan)
Parasol Stars - The Story of Bubble Bobble III (USA)
Parodius da! - Shinwa Kara Owarai he (Japan)
PC Denjin - Punkic Cyborgs (Japan)
PC Genjin - Pithecanthropus Computerurus (Japan)
PC Genjin 2 - Pithecanthropus Computerurus (Japan)
PC Genjin 3 - Pithecanthropus Computerurus (Japan)
PC Pachi-Slot (Japan)
Populous (Japan)
Power Drift (Japan)
Power Eleven (Japan)
Power Gate (Japan)
Power Golf (Japan)
Power Golf (USA)
Power League '93 (Japan)
Power League (Japan)
Power League (Japan) (All Star Version)
Power League II (Japan)
Power League III (Japan)
Power League IV (Japan)
Power League V (Japan)
Power Sports (Japan)
Power Tennis (Japan)
Pro Tennis World Court (Japan)
Pro Yakyuu World Stadium '91 (Japan)
Pro Yakyuu World Stadium (Japan)
Psycho Chaser (Japan)
Psychosis (USA)
Puzzle Boy (Japan)
Puzzle Boy (Japan) [En by KingMike v1.0]
Puzznic (Japan)
Quiz Toukou Shashin (Japan)
R-Type (USA)
Rabio Lepus Special (Japan)
Racing Damashii (Japan)
Raiden (Japan)
Raiden (USA)
Rastan Saga II (Japan)
Rock-On (Japan)
Ryukyu (Japan)
Sadakichi 7 Series - Hideyoshi no Ougon (Japan)
Saigo no Nindou - Ninja Spirit (Japan)
Salamander (Japan)
Samurai-Ghost (USA)
Sekigahara (Japan)
Sengoku Mahjong (Japan)
Shanghai (Japan)
Shinobi (Japan)

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