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Dragon's Magic (Japan)
Drakkhen (Europe)
Drakkhen (Germany)
Drakkhen (Japan)
Drakkhen (USA)
Dream Basketball - Dunk & Hoop (Japan)
Dream Maze - Kigurumi Daibouken (Japan) [En by KingMike v1.0b] (~Dream Maze - The Kigurumi Adventure)
Dream TV (USA)
Dream TV (USA) (Beta1)
Dream TV (USA) (Beta2)
Drift King Shutokou Battle '94 - Tsuchiya Keiichi & Bandou Masaaki (Japan)
Drift King Shutokou Battle 2 - Tsuchiya Keiichi & Bandou Masaaki (Japan)
Dual Orb - Seirei Tama Densetsu (Japan)
Dual Orb II (Japan)
Dual Orb II (Japan) [En by TransCorp v1.5]
Duel, The - Test Drive II (Europe)
Duel, The - Test Drive II (USA)
Dun Quest - Majin Fuuin no Densetsu (Japan)
Dungeon Master (Europe)
Dungeon Master (Japan)
Dungeon Master (Japan) (Rev A)
Dungeon Master (USA)
Dynamaite the Las Vegas (Japan)
Dynamic Stadium (Japan)
E.V.O. - Search for Eden (USA)
Earth Light - Luna Strike (Japan)
Earth Light (Japan)
EarthBound (Mar 27, 1995 prototype)
EarthBound (USA)
EarthBound (USA) [Hack by Blue Antoid v2.0] (~JonBound - Dark Future)
EarthBound (USA) [Hack by EBGirl v2.5] (~Mother 2.5 - The Giftman Chronicles)
EarthBound (USA) [Hack by Michael Cayer+Tomato v2.0] (New Game Plus Plus)
EarthBound (USA) [Hack by Mr. Accident v1.1] (~EarthBound - 10th Anniversary Celebration)
EarthBound (USA) [Hack by Mr. Tenda v0.908] (~Mr. Saturn in Hat Quest)
EarthBound (USA) [Hack by Radiation v1.02] (~Arn's Winter Quest - Gway Edition)
EarthBound (USA) [Hack by Rofish v0.50] (~EarthBound Battler) (Battle Mode)
EarthBound Randomizer
Earthworm Jim (Europe)
Earthworm Jim (Japan)
Earthworm Jim (USA)
Earthworm Jim (USA) (GamesMaster Special Edition)
Earthworm Jim 2 (Europe)
Earthworm Jim 2 (USA)
Earthworm Jim 2 (USA) (Beta)
Edono Kiba (Japan)
Eek! The Cat (Europe)
Eek! The Cat (USA)
Eien no Filerna (Japan)
Eien no Filerna (Japan) [En by Satsu v0.98] (~Eternal Filena)
Elfaria - The Isle of the Blest (Japan)

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