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Rockman X3 - 2021 New Year's Hack
Rockman X3 - 2022 New Year's Hack
Rockman X3 (Japan)
Rockman's Soccer (Japan)
Rocko's Modern Life - Spunky's Dangerous Day (USA)
Rocky Rodent (Europe)
Rocky Rodent (USA)
Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball (Japan)
Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball (USA)
Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball (USA) (Beta)
Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball (USA) (Rev A)
Rokudenashi Blues - Taiketsu! Tokyo Shitennou (Japan)
Romance of the Three Kingdoms II (USA)
Romance of the Three Kingdoms III - Dragon of Destiny (USA)
Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV - Wall of Fire (USA)
Romancing Sa-Ga (Japan)
Romancing Sa-Ga (Japan) (Rev A)
Romancing Sa-Ga 2 (Japan)
Romancing Sa-Ga 3 (Japan)
Romancing Sa-Ga 3 (Japan) (Rev A)
Romancing Sa-Ga 3 (Japan) (Sample)
Romancing SaGa (Japan) [En by Trans Dimension v0.40] (Incomplete)
Romancing SaGa 2 (Japan) [En by Gilhide v0.05c] (Incomplete)
Romancing SaGa 3 (Japan) (Rev 1) [En by Mana Sword v0.30]
Romancing SaGa 3 (Japan) [En by Mana Sword v0.30]
Royal Conquest (Japan)
RPG Tsukuru - Super Dante (Japan)
RPG Tsukuru - Super Dante (Japan) [En by MageCraft v0.90] (~RPG Maker - Super Dante) (Incomplete)
RPG Tsukuru 2 (Japan)
Rudra no Hihou (Japan)
Rudra no Hihou (Japan) [En by Aeon Genesis v2.0] (~Treasure of the Rudras)
Ruin Arm (Japan)
Run Saber (Europe)
Run Saber (USA)
Rushing Beat (Japan)
Rushing Beat Ran - Fukusei Toshi (Japan)
Rushing Beat Shura (Japan)
Ryuuki Heidan Danzarb (Japan)
Ryuuki Heidan Danzarb (Japan) [En by Aeon Genesis v1.0] (~Dragon Squadron Danzarb)
Ryuuko no Ken (Japan)
Ryuuko no Ken 2 (Japan)
Saibara Rieko no Mahjong Hourouki (Japan)
Saikousoku Shikou - Shougi Mahjong (Japan)
Saikyou - Takada Nobuhiko (Japan)
Sailor Moon Fighter S
Sailor Moon Fighter S (Purist Edition)
Sailormoon (France)
Sakurai Shouichi no Jankiryuu - Mahjong Hisshouhou (Japan)
Same Game (Japan)
Samurai Shodown (Europe)

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