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Deluxe 5 (ver. 0107, 07/01/2000, set 1)
Deluxe 5 (ver. 0107, 07/01/2000, set 2)
Deluxe 5 (ver. 0107, 07/01/2000, set 3)
Demon Front (V102, China)
Demon Front (V103)
Demon Front (V105)
Demon Front (V107, Korea, Single PCB Version) [Insert coin to get past ERROR]
Demon's World / Horror Story (set 1)
Demon's World / Horror Story (set 3)
Demon's World / Horror Story (set 4)
Demon's World / Horror Story (set 5)
Demon's World / Horror Story (Taito license, set 2)
Deroon DeroDero (alt set) [No sound]
Deroon DeroDero [No sound]
Desert Assault (US 4 Players)
Desert Assault (US)
Desert Breaker (Japan, FD1094 317-0194 decrypted) [Bootleg]
Desert Breaker (Japan, FD1094 317-0194)
Desert Breaker (World, FD1094 317-0196 decrypted) [Bootleg]
Desert Breaker (World, FD1094 317-0196)
Detana!! Twin Bee (Japan ver. J)
Devastators (ver. V)
Devastators (ver. X)
Devastators (ver. Z)
Devil Fish
Devil Fish (Galaxian hardware, bootleg?) [Bootleg]
Devil World
Dharma Doujou
Dharma Doujou (Japan)
Dharma Doujou (Korea)
Diamond Run
Die Hard Arcade (UET 960515 V1.000)
Diet Go Go (Euro v1.1 1992.08.04)
Diet Go Go (Euro v1.1 1992.09.26)
Diet Go Go (Japan v1.1 1992.09.26)
Diet Go Go (USA v1.1 1992.09.26)
Dig Dug (rev 2)
Dig Dug II (New Ver.)
Dig Dug II (Old Ver.)
Digger Man [Homebrew]
Dimahoo (000121 Euro)
Dimahoo (000121 USA Phoenix Edition) [Bootleg]
Dimahoo (000121 USA)
Dino Rex (Japan)
Dino Rex (US)
Dino Rex (World)
Dinosaur Hunter (Chinese bootleg, 930223 Asia TW) [Bootleg]
Dirt Fox (Japan)
Disco No.1

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