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Riot City (Japan)
Risky Challenge [Unemulated CPU functions]
Rival Schools: United By Fate (Euro 971117)
River Patrol (bootleg)
River Patrol (Orca)
Road Blasters (upright, rev 4)
Road Fighter (set 1)
Road Fighter (set 2)
Road Fighter (set 3, conversion hack on Hyper Sports PCB)
Road Runner (rev 2)
Robo Army
Robo Army (set 2)
Robo Wres 2001
Robocop (Japan)
Robocop (Red Corporation World bootleg) [Bootleg]
Robocop (US revision 0)
Robocop (US revision 1)
Robocop (World bootleg) [Bootleg]
Robocop (World revision 3)
Robocop (World revision 4)
Robocop 2 (Euro/Asia v0.10)
Robocop 2 (Japan v0.11)
Robocop 2 (US v0.05)
Roc'n Rope
Roc'n Rope (Kosuka)
Rock Climber
Rock Duck (prototype?) [incorrect colors]
Rock Tris
Rock'n 3 (Japan)
Rock'n 4 (Japan, prototype)
Rock'n Rage (prototype?) [Prototype]
Rock'n Rage (World)
Rock'n Tread (Japan, alternate)
Rock'n Tread (Japan)
Rock'n Tread 2 (Japan)
Rockman - the power battle (950922 Japan)
Rockman 2 - the power fighters (960708 Japan)
Rockman: The Power Battle (950922 Japan)
Rod-Land (Japan bootleg) [Bootleg]
Rod-Land (Japan)
Rod-Land (World)
Rohga Armor Force (Asia/Europe v3.0 Set 1)
Rohga Armor Force (Asia/Europe v3.0 Set 2)
Rohga Armor Force (Asia/Europe v5.0)
Rohga Armor Force (Hong Kong v3.0)
Rohga Armor Force (US v1.0)
Roller Aces (set 1)
Roller Aces (set 2)
Rollergames (Japan)
Rollergames (US)

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