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Ave Fenix (Laguna, Spanish bootleg of Phoenix)
Ave Fenix (Recreativos Franco, Spanish bootleg of Phoenix)
Avengers (US set 1)
Avengers (US set 2)
Avengers In Galactic Storm (US/Europe 1.0)
Avenging Spirit
Aztarac [Vector graphics]
Azurian Attack
B-Wings (Alt Ver.?)
B-Wings (Japan new Ver.)
B-Wings (Japan old Ver.)
B.C. Kid / Bonk's Adventure / Kyukyoku!! PC Genjin
B.C. Story (set 1)
B.C. Story (set 2)
B.Rap Boys (World)
B.Rap Boys Special (Japan)
B.Rap Boys Special (US)
Back Fire (Tecmo) (Japan, Bootleg, Prototype?)
Back Street Soccer [graphics issues?]
Backfire! (set 1)
Bad Dudes vs. Dragonninja (US)
Bagman (bootleg on Moon Cresta hardware set 2) [Bootleg, Bad Colours]
Bakuretsu Breaker
Bakutotsu Kijuutei
Bal Cube
Ball Boy [Bootleg]
Balloon Brothers
Bang 2 Busters (Prototype) [Prototype]
Bang Bang Ball (v1.05)
Bang Bang Busters (2010 NCI release) [Prototype]
Bang Bead
Bang Bead (Prototype?) [Prototype]
Baryon - Future Assault (set 1)
Baryon - Future Assault (set 2)
Baseball Stars 2
Baseball Stars Professional (NGH-002)
Baseball Stars Professional (NGM-002)
Batman Forever (JUE 960507 V1.000)
Batman Part 2 [Bootleg]
Batsugun (Korean PCB)
Batsugun (set 1)
Batsugun (set 2)
Batsugun (Special Ver.)
Battlantis (Japan, program code E)
Battlantis (program code F)
Battlantis (program code G)
Battle Bakraid - Unlimited Version (China) (Tue Jun 8 1999)

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