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Kof'94 (Team Edit Edition v1.3.0)
Koi Koi Shimasho 2 - Super Real Hanafuda (Japan)
Koi no Hotrock (Japan)
Kokontouzai Eto Monogatari (Japan)
Konami '88
Konami GT
Konami RF2 - Red Fighter
Konami Test Board (GX800, Japan)
Konami's Ping-Pong
Kong (Donkey Kong conversion on Galaxian hardware) [Bad Colours]
Koro Koro Quest (Japan)
Korosuke Roller
Kosodate Quiz My Angel (Japan)
Kosodate Quiz My Angel 2 (Japan)
Koukuu Kihei Monogatari - The Legend of Air Cavalry (Japan)
Koutetsu Yousai Strahl (Japan set 1)
Koutetsu Yousai Strahl (Japan set 2)
Kozure Ookami (Japan) [Imperfect Graphics]
Krazy Bowl
Kuhga - Operation Code 'Vapor Trail' (Japan revision 3)
Kung-Fu Master
Kung-Fu Master (bootleg set 1) [Bootleg]
Kung-Fu Master (bootleg set 2) [Bootleg]
Kung-Fu Master (bootleg set 3)
Kung-Fu Master (Data East)
Kung-Fu Taikun
Kung-Fu Taikun (alt)
Kuri Kinton (Japan)
Kuri Kinton (US)
Kuri Kinton (World, prototype?)
Kuri Kinton (World)
Kyohkoh-Toppa (Japan)
Kyros No Yakata (Japan)
Kyukyoku Sentai Dadandarn (ver JAA)
Kyukyoku Tiger (Japan)
Kyukyoku Tiger II (Ver 2.1J 1995/11/30)
Kyuukai Douchuuki (Japan, new version (Rev B))
Kyuukai Douchuuki (Japan, old version)
LA Girl [Bootleg]
Labyrinth Runner (Japan) [Graphics issues in the end
ing credits.]
Labyrinth Runner (World Ver. K) [Graphics issues in the ending credits.]
Lady Bug
Lady Bug (bootleg on Galaxian hardware) [Bootleg]
Lady Bug (bootleg set 1)
Lady Bug (bootleg set 2)
Lady Master of Kung Fu
Land Maker (Ver 2.01J 1998/06/01)
Land Maker (Ver 2.02O 1998/06/02) (Prototype) [Prototype]

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