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Piranha (hack)
Piranha (older)
Pirate Ship Higemaru
Pirates (set 2)
Pisces (bootleg) [Bootleg]
Pistol Daimyo no Bouken (Japan)
Pit Fighter (rev 9)
Pitfall II (315-5093, Flicky Conversion)
Pitfall II (315-5093)
Pitfall II (not encrypted)
Planet Probe (prototype?)
Play Girls
Play Girls 2
Play Girls 2 (bootleg) [Bootleg]
Pleasure Goal / Futsal - 5 on 5 Mini Soccer (NGM-219)
Pleiads (bootleg set 1)
Pleiads (bootleg set 2)
Pleiads (Centuri)
Pleiads (Irecsa)
Pleiads (Niemer S.A.)
Pleiads (Spanish bootleg)
Pleiads (Tehkan)
Plotting (US)
Plotting (World set 1)
Plotting (World set 2, protected)
Plotting (World set 3, earliest version)
Plump Pop (Japan)
Plus Alpha
Pnickies (940608 Japan)
Pochi and Nyaa
Pocket Fighter (970904 Japan)
Pocket Gal Deluxe (Euro v3.00)
Pocket Gal Deluxe (Japan v3.00)
Pocket Gals V.I.P (set 1)
Pocket Gals V.I.P (set 2)
Poker Ladies
Poker Ladies (Leprechaun ver. 401)
Poker Ladies (Leprechaun ver. 510)
Poker Night [Homebrew]
Pokonyan (Japan 940322)
Pole Position
Pole Position (World)
Pole Position II
Pole Position II (Japan)
Pollux (Japan, NTC license)
Pollux (set 1)

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