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Alien vs Predator (940520 Asia)
Alien vs Predator (940520 Euro Phoenix Edition) [Bootleg]
Alien vs Predator (940520 Euro)
Alien vs Predator (940520 Hispanic)
Alien vs Predator (940520 Japan)
Alien vs Predator (940520 USA)
Aliens (Asia)
Aliens (Japan set 1)
Aliens (Japan set 2)
Aliens (US)
Aliens (World set 1)
Aliens (World set 2)
Aliens (World set 3)
Alligator Hunt (unprotected)
Alpha Mission
Alpha Mission II / ASO II - Last Guardian (NGM-007)(NGH-007)
Alpha Mission II / ASO II - Last Guardian (prototype) [Prototype]
Altered Beast (set 2, MC-8123B 317-0066)
Altered Beast (set 4, MC-8123B 317-0066)
Altered Beast (set 5, FD1094 317-0069 decrypted) [Bootleg]
Altered Beast (set 5, FD1094 317-0069)
Altered Beast (set 6, 8751 317-0076)
Altered Beast (set 8, 8751 317-0078)
Ambush (hack?)
Ambush (Japan)
Ambush (Volt Elec co-ltd)
Ameisenbaer (German)
American Horseshoes (US)
Amidar (bootleg) [Bootleg]
Amidar (older)
Amidar (Olympia)
Amidar (Scramble hardware)
Amidar (Stern)
Amigo [Bootleg]
Andro Dunos (NGM-049)(NGH-049)
Android (prototype, early build)
Android (prototype, later build)
Angel Kids (Japan)
APB - All Points Bulletin (rev 7)
Apocaljpse Now [Bootleg]
Aquajack (Japan)
Aquajack (US)
Aquajack (World)
Aquarium (Japan)
Arabian (Atari)

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